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    • I am good boy, and I have played for almost 2 years on NF. There are not very many active administrators, but I am on everyday; so I believe i would be a good choice for administrator, and if not moderator. I've played combat surf for around 4 years, so I have a lot of experience. I am 14 years of age as well. I hope you accept me as I am willing to serve as part of the nightfall staff community.
    • By definition is false :). They just take their experiences somewhere less boring. Only true if experienced players leave and aren't there to teach them.
    • I'm just gonna throw this out there. Nightfall is not dead. Just because it has less concurrent players than before doesn't make it dead in the slightest. There could actually be multiple reasons as to why it may have fewer players than before. The biggest and most problematic reason, in my opinion, is the loss of interest in combat surf. Normally experienced players get bored and leave. Which actually would be fine if there was a constant flow of newcomers. However, new players to cs don't stick around for that long anymore. They come, play competitive for a bit, then leave. Some find out about community servers and stick around for longer but those who find out about community servers rarely get to come across combat surf. And when they do come across combat surf, chances are, they are extremely inexperienced in surf which makes them easy targets to the experienced players who still stick around. They get killed a couple rounds in a row right from the start then leave and never come back. I think there is a solution out there to this. Do I have the solution? Nope. Can we all find one? Yup.      THIS WAS WAY LONGER THAN I EXPECTED. 
    • This!
      Maintenance is really the main thing we need. No additional plugins/removed plugins should be prioritized, as of now. Kole has a point with an additional mod, which actually has been discussed several times.. but there's no use in another server when we still need to get straight with the one we have, already.. imo.
    • Night Fall is dead. You need to boost up the community with a new server. Minigames server or awp servers are popular. Make something new or original.
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NightFall began as a Counter-Strike combat surf server in mid-late 2016. Darth Elmo, its founder, grew and led the community until an ownership transfer in mid-2018. Today, headed up by 3dou, NightFall continues to provide its players with the best CS:GO community server experience possible, including a multitude of servers with custom-made plugins and maps. Welcome.