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    • +1 Great admin, great personality even if he sucks at surfing ^^    
    • +1 A great admin who deserves the title and can handle whatever responsibilities come with it!
    • Posting the application away from home. Accurate hours etc, will be added once I come back home. 
      I feel like my english is failing me today. If anything is unclear, just tell me and I'll clarify!   In Game Name:
      :Patrôn Name (Optional):
      Daniel Oscarson Got a mic? (Yes/No):
      Yes Is English your first language?:
      English is my second language. Swedish is my first. Age:
      23 How long you've been on the server:
      I have actively been playing since december 2017. If you muted a player for being toxic and everyone criticized you for doing so, what would you do?: 
      It may sound like an unsatisfying answer, but; nothing, but referring them to the forums. If the muted player was indeed being toxic as the question suggests, I'm just enforcing the rules that the players should agree upon when they're playing on the server. If I notice that some specific detail about the rules might seem unclear for some however, I'll clarify it. Have you read and do you understand the staff guidelines?: 
      Yes, I have. Why you are applying?: 
      I feel like I can contribute more to the community by assisting with the tasks I'm used to handle. Do you think a staff member needs to be cheerful and nice all the time, regardless of the situation?: 
      No. Some individuals seem to find it harder or less appealing to take directive from someone that always appears to be nice. If a player was constantly antagonizing people, what would you do?: 
      I'd just follow the guidelines, and if that doesn't work I'd give the player a "permanent" punishment until further notice. What makes you a better choice of staff rather than any other applicant?: 
      My joy in working and developing with a community makes me a capable nominee for the role. Since I've been in higher positions/running other communities and servers, involving almost everything that comes with it (except for coding), I'll be a quick learner of what to do, when to do it, and how to maintain it.. whatever "it" is. How can you help the community grow as a whole?:
      I'm happy to assist and I'm happy to learn new stuff. I also have a huge interest in both people and computers, making most tasks exciting, meaning that my commitment to the community will be as consistent as I can make it. What experience do you have as a staff member?: 
      This was a few years back, but as I've said before, I used to be in charge of/assisting in, server & forum management, running admin & year meetings, controlling applications along with regular follow ups and helping new admins, handling complaints and ideas etc etc. However, I havent built any community from scratch, so there are definitely holes in my knowledge. Being a staff member requires you to be on often. Do you pledge to be active on the server(s), forums, and discord?:
      Yes. I know I can follow the subjects better in discord. Other than that, I believe I'm active enough. What makes you believe you should be promoted, or that you should be accepted as a higher staff member right off the bat?: 
      The fact that I've done most of the "head admin jobs" for years, combined with me feeling like NF is worth investing thoughts, time and effort in, leads me to the conclusion that I have a chance to fit right in. Is there anything else that we should know?: 
      I'll move to a new place within a month. This can result in me being without internet for a week or two, depending on how smooth everything goes. Other than that, no.
    • Accepted.   Thank @:Patrôn for this one.
    • +1 out of all the toxic people that come through nf I can say that daniel is not one of them, he's a nice guy and I don't think he deserves a perm gag. I say at least lower it.
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