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    • Unbanned due to insufficient evidence.
    • In game name: AVegetable
      SourceBans link to your ban (HERE): http://nightfall.site.nfoservers.com/sourcebans/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:432599536&advType=steamid&Submit     Counter-Evidence (if any): It was within a 5 minute time period i couldn't get anything for counter-evidence.

      Why should your appeal be accepted?: I'm a well known player on IGlobal, after the servers went down, i came on NF, and i hit a few lucky shots on Havoc, shortly after, i was perma-banned for "hacks", i feel like i should be unbanned because this i never really played on NightFall and i was really planning on starting to play alot. Hopefully you guys could understand, and thank you in advance for reading.  
    • Thanks for cooperating. Your ban has been lifted and you're free to join the server!
    • I do agree that it is my fault for not being aware of patron's warnings, and no, I didn't have a main before. I switched over to pc from xbox last christmas and got csgo back in april.
    • To be fair I have seen you on multiple times before and not only on NF, that being said, am not sure what exactly happend when you got banned, but I don't think that you should be. One thing tho, I completely believe in @:Patrôn telling you multiple times in voice/chat to unprivate your game details, if you didn't hear/notice then it's 100% your fault.    P.S.: Did you have a main account before this one? Cause 700 hours isn't that solid.
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