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    Am gonna need you to unprivate your hours until this is over.
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    1st: I have unbanned you because the smac system is faulty at times. 2nd: Never will I ever care if I die in a game. Case Closed
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    Denied. I do find you more mature than others, however i’ve only noticed you on the server not too long ago. That’s telling me that you didn’t talk before. Also, next time DO NOT ask staff about your app. After only 4 days of you putting your app up you started messaging me about it. We do see your app, but it takes us a bit to examine your behavior on the server. Better luck next time.
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    Denied. This is over a 4 months old, I don't think we are getting anywhere at this point.
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    Exactly what patron said, we have lists of alts that we use to ban people in case an admin was busy. That message was just confirming that you were not on the list before.
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    i hope you have had a nice first couple of months on NF. Hope to see you on more, and hopefully be apart of the staff team when you have a bit more hours on the server!
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    Welcome to the community!
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    Denied. To answer your question, you shouldn't make penis jokes 24/7 and bug head admins about your app. We will answer on our own.
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    -1 Pretty immature and definitely hasn't played enough. FYI: Next time color your question or your answer since it's hard to them apart.
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    Hello friend welcome to the servers!
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    Hi! I go by the name: hg, but you can call me Hugo! I´ve been playing CS:GO for 2 years now and I started combat surf about 1 and half years ago. I kinda miss the retro servers (with no fall damage xP) and getting those juicy knifes up people's back! I am portuguese and I am taking IT! I also like manipulating images in photshop. I've been playing in NF for 2,3 weeks now and I'm really enjoying the server. Portuguese servers have a distinct mappool, so I'm having struggle to keep up my playstyle in the maps on your mappool. Basically I get rekted a lot , but I guess that is part of the process! Well, I hope this was a good introduction. If you see me in the server don't hesitate in saying hi! I'm a troll guy, don't take me too seriously At least most of the time I am a troll! Its the internet. Thanks for wasting a minute to read this. 😘🙋‍♂️
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    still fucking hate that swervs could dick me at any moment with his lovely 2inch

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