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    -1 rep, Main reasons: 1.) You don't fallow the rules. (How can we expect you to in force rules you cant even fallow?) (Recent punishments) (20-ish gags/mutes) 2.) You go around servers asking for +reps (Does not look good on you, more-less mature) 3.) You are overall nice, but you can go overboard sometimes and mic spam and or be toxic on the server.
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    bruh he's on a mac who banned this kid he's prob not hacking lol Edit: @Whale King u dumb fuck
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    Not owner, gonna autodeny this anyway. You just got oofed by someone who isn't even allowed to do this
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    I would take a few additional minutes to think about each question. You're a decent guy, but you haven't stood out more than anyone else, which is why I'm gonna call neutral. Good luck though! Edit: Even though it has nothing to do with you being a fit admin, you're always trying to alert a staff member when something is wrong. To clarify, my comment is leaning towards a +rep.
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    This is a tough decision because Pump you have given me no problems and have been a decent community member. On the other hand alts are normally not allowed but this might be a special circumstance. I will unban you for now but you will be on a short leash based on your history. I hope this clears it all up.
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    In Game Name: Damien Name (Optional): Damien Valencia. Got a mic? (Yes/No): Yes. Age: 17 Is English your first language?: Yes, I was born and live in California How long you've been on the server: I believe almost a year now If you muted a player for being toxic and everyone criticized you for doing so, what would you do?: I would personally calmly handle the situation, not provoking anyone while keeping the toxic person muted. If there are other people being toxic or disrespectful toward me because of this mute, I would first give a warning and then mute that particular person Have you read and do you understand the staff guidelines?: Yes and I accept Why you are applying?: I am mainly applying for the Retro surf server. At the moment it is not very active. I would like to be a helpful part in repopulating the server as sort of a friendly player that people come to hang out with while at the same time being respected and known to enforce the rules if need be Do you think a staff member needs to be cheerful and nice all the time, regardless of the situation?: I know for me personally I have days in which I can be in a bad mood because I'm only human. But this should not alter the desision of disciplinary action . If a player was constantly antagonizing people, what would you do?: First, I would give a warning then a mute for toxicity What makes you a better choice of staff rather than any other applicant?: I am very active on NF servers, I am know by many in the Surf Combat community, and I have apart of NF for very long How can you help the community grow as a whole?: I believe I can create a bigger community for retro Combat surf What experience do you have as a staff member?: None Being a mod requires you to be on often. Do you pledge to be active on the server(s), forums, and discord?: I pledge to be active of the servers forums and discord Is there anything else that we should know?: I don't not believe I have a ban on any server and the 2 mutes I can recall were given by Zav and Visionary and they were both false mutes
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    +1 he's an active player that has a great character I've had no issues with him
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    +1. Yeah, you don't stand out that well among others, but honestly you are super chill and can handle yourself. You don't freak out when a situation is thrown at you which is something I like about you. I think you would be a good mod and would take care of situation nice and calm, but still effective. ur shit at fortnite. who said this? Good Luck m8.
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    Holy stop turning this into a fuckery of an app
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    you're being super toxic, on the forums, 24 comm bans. im going to keep this mute on you. Denied
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    Pros: - Decently active - Has never broken a rule, from what ive seen (except that one time, but he was given a second chance) Cons: - Now, let me explain, jeremy is a decently active member, and a good member at that, but he doesnt stand out at all, he isn't a person i'd look at and i'd say he would make a staff. Anytime i look at jeremy i just think he is a good NF member, he lives up to the expectations in what we look for in a good member. - have only heard him use his mic 2-3 times. - Only seen him interact with his friends, haven't seen him helping any new members or helping anyone with commands when they asked. Conclusion: now i think if you could improve on those points above you'd make a good staff next month. Im going to give this application a -1 @ionCho0de.@Lil Husky leave MY style alone ok?;-;
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    -1. I think that this statement sums up that you don't even have the intelligence to realize that banning isn't even within a mod's permissions. Not even to mention you are disrespectful and rude as said above.^
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    I had about a good 2-5 hours of total playtime on NF. I got some real life things that have taken my interest away from CS and the internet as a whole. So, here is my goodbye. Hope that NF keeps growing and it will be cool to see where it is in the futray.
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    I have had zero problems with ^^^^ and I he is a actual nice person who dosnt ever do anything wrong that I know of I hope that we can have some solution because I dont want a good player getting banned because of some stupid reason.
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    @darthelmo1 im gonna kms goodbye for real
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    After being a part of team since late 2016 I think it's finally time I leave. When losing complete interest in CS, I don't see myself helping the community if I won't be active. I watched the community grow and I hope that it will still continues growing. I resigned over a week ago, just wanted to say deuces. Bye. Also, if yall gon send me some nudes ask me for my snap.
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    can you do me a huge favor and not make every post with huge font and multicolors? thanks
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    Yeah i don't support of this at all. First, alting to avoid your ban, immature. Coming in with one of your alts (pretty sure it was you) and being toxic, immature. Making fun of someone for not getting your bullshit sarcasm on a SERIOUS TOPIC, immature. Being an overall douche to the community as a whole, immature. All this immaturity should lead to the point that you should remain banned until you prove yourself worthy. I hope that we keep you banned and any of your alts that come in the future.
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    This one's all up to @cra88y, I wouldn't put your chances very high lol
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    You obviously haven't read the guidelines if you don't know why you were gagged your answer confuses me, JKKKKKK @Kron lol. First off, what do you mean by better admins? Who have you seen who doesn't seem to be the right build? Second, you don't seem to understand why you got gagged, and you also seem immature. lmao Please list where? @Levi | Blue | Jeans, this application has less than true effort, and some answers are still blank. Without knowing your in-game name, nor whether you got a mic or not, OR whether or not you're of age truly Plus @BJack0 caught you in a lie, you obviously haven't been with NF since June something YOU ALSO HAVE THE WRONG FORMAT Good Luck my DOOD -1

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