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    Really hope to see you around, you still owe Cody, Suki, and I a game of Fortnite so this better not be the last I see of you 🤣. In all seriousness though you've been not only a great owner for this server, but a pretty good guy in all. I'm sure you can't count on 30 hands the number of hours you've slaved for this server, but it payed off and you've not only cemented yourself into surf history you've also created an amazing skill set for yourself later in life. I've had an amazing time "working" under you and playing on the amazing server you and Cra88y created. While I'm sad to see you guys go I am happy to see you guys get your long deserved break. I'm positive that you will be successful in whatever you decide to do next and I wish you the best of luck. Love you bud!
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    bruh he's on a mac who banned this kid he's prob not hacking lol Edit: @Whale King u dumb fuck
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    Not owner, gonna autodeny this anyway. You just got oofed by someone who isn't even allowed to do this
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    I would take a few additional minutes to think about each question. You're a decent guy, but you haven't stood out more than anyone else, which is why I'm gonna call neutral. Good luck though! Edit: Even though it has nothing to do with you being a fit admin, you're always trying to alert a staff member when something is wrong. To clarify, my comment is leaning towards a +rep.
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    +1 Rep, Autumn seems to have good experience with roles such as Moderator/Administrator and looks to be dedicated to our community. I have seen Autumn around quite a bit on our server recently and would like to seem him be able to help out a bit. Autumn has no punishments and encourages good behavior on the server from what I have seen. Good Luck! 💙
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    Accepted Welcome to the staff.
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    +1 I'am the one who talked Daniel into applying. I think NF doesn't have many or any mods currently (active mods anyway). Daniel would be a great choice to bring him to staff. He is very active and this would only make him more active. I would be happy to answer any questions Daniel has about being staff and if there's a situation that he needs help with. I'm sure other staff would help out too.
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    Hi! My irl name is Rafael and i come from Portugal. I am 17 years old and I have been playing surf combat for almost 1 year now. I started to play in foreigner servers 2/3 months ago, since most of the portuguese servers play 4 maps only and I want to learn how to play other maps to increase my map pool. Im currently starting to upload my surf combat montages/edits on my yt channel. If you want to start editing and you need help with something, feel free to DM me I am excited to learn how to play your maps and play against the best in your community, so hopefully I become better. ---INFORMATION--- MM Rank: Global Elite Faceit: Level 8 CS:GO Hours Played: 1450 Hours YT Channel Latest Surf Combat Montage
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    +1 Mature guy, seen him sometimes on the server, never had trouble with him. And don't give up man, you will achieve what you want! Also I'm in the same situation
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    Once again a good application. Good luck!
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    Hi Y'all. I'm WaSe, and currently a Senior Admin over at edge-gamers or =(eGO)=. I came here because we do not have a combat surf server, and well, this was the best one that I could pick out. I'll be on the servers every now and again, mostly in the morning because I have things to do over at eGO. Hope to see y'all around.
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    Hey everyone. So all of you know that I have recently stopped playing combat surf all together about a month ago, and I am no longer staff because of that, and I feel like I was a big problem in the NightFall community as terms of toxicity, while no matter how hard I tried to keep to myself unless needed, I would usually take everything out of proportion. I also feel like I was a very annoying member of the community as I talked way too much when I didn't need to. And for all of the people that I have shit talked over my time on the platform while thinking it's okay. I know for a fact that almost nobody on the server ever liked when I joined even though they probably told me at one point or another that it isn't true but I know it. I would just like to be here for real telling you guys that I understand what I did that was stupid, annoying, toxic, etc. Thanks for reading and once again. I'm sorry for bringing a toxic environment to the server. ~`- Jacken
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    +1 Always gets around to posts to give very good feedback. Also he is very experienced. I think, along with others, that he can take on a bigger role to help nightfall grow as a whole.
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    +1 A great admin who deserves the title and can handle whatever responsibilities come with it!
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    MrKrebs you are one of the most toxic and annoying people ive met in the community im suprised you weren't perm silenced earlier. Suki is a good admin and I trust he had good enough reason to mute you, plus you have a reputation of being toxic so you get much less slack than other players.
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    +1 for Mod, Or even admin. Head admin though come on trevor!
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    I muted you for being annoying, toxic, and disrupting the community.
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    +1 Contacts me whenever the server needs assistance, and is very active in the EU timezone which is definitely needed right now.
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    UPDATE: RANDOMB3LG convinced me to do my own NF remake of this map, and that's exactly what I've done. It's still a work in progress, but I've managed to change most of the things that I thought were bad with ski2go. Of course I still think ski nova is a superior map, but I now think that ski2go is good ENOUGH that it can be added, and there still seems to be demand for it. Re-Opened.
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    Not harsh, Its constructive criticism to help you improve and stand out amid'st other staff applications. I suggest you take what Voya said into consideration, because he is correct. This application looks like little effort.
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    Pros: - Active - Pretty fun guy to be around. - Has a good sense of humor and knows where to draw the line. Cons : - Doesnt stand out 2 much. Conclusion: Im going to +1 this application. Good luck
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    +1. Yeah, you don't stand out that well among others, but honestly you are super chill and can handle yourself. You don't freak out when a situation is thrown at you which is something I like about you. I think you would be a good mod and would take care of situation nice and calm, but still effective. ur shit at fortnite. who said this? Good Luck m8.
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