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  1. darthelmo1

    Durabilityv2 ban appeal

  2. darthelmo1

    Do I need to buy VIP to join...

    nope, the server is free to play and ad-free.
  3. darthelmo1

    Sever idea

    50kill minimum is a feature that was added in newer versions of rankme but updating would break the old rank formula and possibly the database, meaning a reset. That's not to say it's' not a good idea, it's just worth pointing out that there are tradeoffs @3dou
  4. darthelmo1

    Nick's Mod Application

    -1 I can’t even tell the difference between the nicks therefore neither of them is important enough to be mod
  5. darthelmo1

    Nick's Application

    -1 I can’t even tell the difference between the nicks therefore neither of them is important enough to be mod
  6. darthelmo1

    Hello guys 🙋‍♂️

    good to see a player who's willing to step outside of his comfort zone and try new maps/servers! Personally I believe that's the way to really get to the top, by playing with everyone from all over the world on different maps and settings good luck!
  7. darthelmo1

    Add more maps :)

    dust2 2011 is total cancer. no telehops and mostly a secret-based map. also, skyrails? really? We tried dust2 tunisia a while back and everyone wanted zoom back instead. zoom is just a better version of 2015, so.... all that adds up to just dust2 zoom probably being the best option. On the bright side, all the retro maps are back on casual so the list is now what, 50+? Definitely more variety there, but I'd still oppose having two versions of the same map.
  8. darthelmo1


    gl 3dou & all
  9. darthelmo1

    I want my name changed..

    Go to your profile —> account settings —> display name and you can change it yourself
  10. darthelmo1


    Neutral eXydos is without a doubt one of the best surfers and people I’ve ever met, but I lack confidence in his administrative decision-making skills. Back when he was an admin for me he usually did a good job but occasionally banned hackers based on instinct without enough evidence, got into arguments with players that ended in a mute, etc. - often resulting in me having to intervene. My recommendation would be to bring eXy in as a Moderator or Administrator first, let him get acclimated to being an admin again and keep him on a tight leash, and then bring him up to H.A. when he’s ready. good luck exy
  11. darthelmo1


    30 hands * 5 fingers = only 150hrs ROOKIE NUMBERS also yeah I’ll play some fort with ya
  12. darthelmo1

    New Update

    As many have said I think/hope this is the breath of fresh air CS:GO needs.
  13. darthelmo1

    RetroHaru's Administrator Application

  14. darthelmo1

    Suki & his muting spree

  15. darthelmo1

    !dot command bugs.

  16. darthelmo1

    Laggy Casual

  17. darthelmo1

    [Head Admin Apl.] Patron

    Accepted! I'm happy to bring you on to our upper staff.
  18. darthelmo1

    Fz Ban NF

    Seeing as you just got ANOTHER ban, I think I'm going to deny this.
  19. darthelmo1

    Daniel perm gagged

    Accepted. Thank @:Patrôn for this one.
  20. darthelmo1

    falsely banned for "using an alt"

    Accepted. Please unprivate your hours played before returning to NF or you'll be banned again.
  21. darthelmo1


    Accepted. I'll give you a second chance.
  22. darthelmo1

    Banned for Alting (False Ban)

    Why did you feel the need to directly lie to upper staff and ownership, saying that Skippy was your only account? Seems like you were worried about us finding something? I'm going to unban but you were kinda a douche on the server so be careful of that.
  23. darthelmo1

    Whale King Head Admin App

    Denied. You're a great admin but I think you should stay where you are. There's a lot that you can do for us as an administrator already and I don't think you'd be that much more helpful as a head admin. You've been on NF a while but you still have less experience than most of our upper staff team.
  24. darthelmo1

    RyanDaKappa's mod app

    I'm going to deny this based on a lack of experience. Maybe in the future though!

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