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  1. Thanks again, @SumaCell Thanks @darthelmo1, I'll be applying that picture when I get my PC fixed.
  2. YES Maybe an artwork or something?
  3. ionCho0de.

    Is Are Strek [Part 2]

    Sorry to see you go idk if people even check their good bye threads, lmao.
  4. ionCho0de.

    Hey! Come Get To Know Me.

    I got you my dood. Continue to have fun in Nightfall
  5. ionCho0de.

    Could I get unbanned?

    Please use the correct format @deplo Click on Punishment Appeal Format by cra88y
  6. ionCho0de.

    TQ Mod App

    Positive - Active, I've seen you a lot, and I 'm pretty sure you do too. - Can be interactive, but most of the time, nah Negative - Not interactive alot - Never seen enforcing rules - What Voya said Conclusion Sorry, but this is a -1, but I will definitely reconsider if you improve I'm using RP style btw @Voya
  7. ionCho0de.

    Admin Application, Levi | Blue | Jeans

    I'm just going to say that this application is a joke. You come on without a single appeal and complain in the community discussion or something that you've been gagged. You also end up answering your own question without realizing what you've done wrong. You probably still don't understand. Then you decide to apply? Kron said this was gonna have to pass, sorry, but I think so too.
  8. ionCho0de.

    !dot Command / Casual Server

    not sure about that
  9. ionCho0de.

    Admin Application, Levi | Blue | Jeans

    wat you do you mean?
  10. ionCho0de.

    Forum signature?

    can we not use words or somethhing? Not just pictures?
  11. ionCho0de.

    Banned for no reason

    very likely, lmao On the other hand, Exydos is a Head Admin, he obviously knew what he was doing, so I don't think this is gonna work my dood
  12. ionCho0de.

    Moderator/Admin Application

    You can't apply yet, @Ravezz, as your 1 month cooldown is not up Sorry, this is gonna have to pass
  13. ionCho0de.

    Cartrius's Staff Application

    I remembr someone doing dis on @Voya application, I wonder who?....
  14. ionCho0de.

    Which One?

    suki can be very weird sometimes
  15. ionCho0de.

    Which One?

    obviously this was expected

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