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  1. :Patrôn

    I got banned

    You're not banned for fakenicking. As I said, I'm finding other accounts listed in your name, that are obviously held by you. So I need you to clarify which one of them your main is. The account you're banned on has 60 hours, and 10 of those are from the past 2 weeks.. and it's 6 months old. Those numbers don't add up with how you're playing, so that leads me to the conclusion you have more accounts you're actively playing on. Send me the links to your accounts, including your main and VAC banned ones. Cheerios!
  2. :Patrôn

    I got banned

    Yea, I asked in both text- and voicechat over your 60 hours of playtime, but you failed to respond. I'm finding several accounts in your name, so can you please clarify which one of these is your main? Because as far as I can tell, that one youre playing on right now is an alt account, just like the ban suggests.
  3. :Patrôn

    Admin Application

    Accepted! Welcome to upper staff!! Jokes aside, If you're being serious, to apply for mod you should follow the template and post the thread in the right section.
  4. :Patrôn

    Autumn's Ban/Perma Mute/Perma Gag Appeal

    ?? Not accepted. You have 3 VAC banned accounts in less than 2 months back. That, combined with everything else that has been going on around you, makes me determined to keep you banned. Permanently. DENIED*
  5. :Patrôn


    Okay, since the account is vac banned and otherwise unchanged, I'm assuming the true reason to your alting, is a banned main (in my world, not a valid reason). If you have any proof to your account being hacked, other than just your words, create a new thread, or @ me on discord to unlock this one. Old mails is an easy way of proving that you atleast tried to get it back. Until then, I'm gonna let the ban stay as it is. Thread locked
  6. :Patrôn


    Ah, any chance you can find the account? If it's changed, you can still find it with steamID, URL, old mails, comp games, trades, friendlist histories, community bans and comms etc. Pretty much every information/activity made on your account, that is. If it checks out, you're unbanned!
  7. :Patrôn


    I asked about your account several times (on 10x, if remember it correctly), since it wasn't very old and you looked like an experienced player. But just a few seconds after I joined spec, you left. That's why you're banned for alting. If you can just unprivate your game details and link eventual previous accounts, we might be able to do something about the ban.
  8. :Patrôn

    Ban Appeal

    I joined and got instantly spammed by half the server, which claimed you were cheating. From what I saw, your account looked like new, so I asked you several times and explained why I was asking about it. You had your chance to answer for yourself, and to unprivate your profile.. the things you did answer with were racial slurs and attempts to insult me. The players never mentioned anything about an alt account, to me. They said you were cheating. The alt thing was brought up by me to get you out of the server quicker, since I saw how you played. I can change the ban details, if that makes you feel better. But the ban won't go anywhere. Have a nice evening
  9. :Patrôn

    Wurles False Alt Ban Appeal

    Thanks for cooperating. Your ban has been lifted and you're free to join the server!
  10. :Patrôn

    Wurles False Alt Ban Appeal

    "killed patron multiple times" "got me instantly" wat Anyway, since this ban is pretty old, I can't remember the case specifically, even though I do remember your name. So I'll just explain my routines, which applies to pretty much every alt-ban I'm involved with.. if the account isn't brand new, that is. Before I'm invoking the ban, I'm reaching out to the player in question (this is usually 2-3 rounds of attempts in both text- and voice chat), giving him or her the fair chance to explain the suspected alt account over an additional 2-3 rounds. If the players fails to reply or give me a fair explaination, I'm giving the last "reply or you're gonna get a permanent ban"-warning, and if the player again fails to reply, the ban is invoked. Meaning that behind most of my alt bans, stands several rounds of attempted communication. Hence, I'm not going berserk and throwing random bans at players that happens to kill me.. that's conterproductive to the community. If your friend was on and close enough to you, to ask me regarding the alt ban (or rather alt rule) and then tell you what I replied, I find it odd that none of you reacted earlier.. even though that's irrelevant to the thread, that's often a strong sign something is up. I also want to remind you that as much as an admin has the responsibility to make sure he does everything to give the player a chance to answer for himself, the player has as much responsibility to make sure he understands and plays by the rules, and is open for a 2-way communitcation (community). With this being said, I'd like to work on the ban in question. Can you start off by turning your game details to public and keep it that way, just like Daniel already suggested? Because right now, all the signs and activities i spot linked to your account are from mid-late 2018 (community bans, nicknames, profile activity etc etc).
  11. :Patrôn

    Whats worse?

    @Daniel Damn, can't be sarcastic here 😒
  12. :Patrôn

    Whats worse?

    @Daniel That's super racist, calm down @Jeremy I'm rarely spraying. Tapping/bursting all the way
  13. :Patrôn

    Whats worse?

    Go jerk off, kids. My AK is fine! I'll add 1 thing though, The WORST thing is when players on surf, and in CSGO in general, dies and tries to blame everything else than them actually just being shit. Like with the AK.. it's not like it's easier to play than the AWP, imo. Especially not with ping diff.. unless you're just camping jail with it. I can hear the kids worlds collapse when something happens, that is not in their daily gaming routine. Which is why I'm going with the AK from time to time. Not because it's OP, but because people go so far to get upset about it. 😆 BTW Havoc and Daniel are 2 hentai watching creeps and their mothers are also their sisters. They don't know shit about shit! ❤️
  14. :Patrôn

    Appeal for unban for false alt ban

    Hi, Chasy. Your account was created 27th of July 2018, and since you were hitting some decent shots and surfing really well, I understood that the account I banned is not your main. I asked you several times, in both voice- and text chat, why you were playing on a new account, and that alting is not allowed (you heard some other players talking to you while I was checking you, so I know you probably heard me). Since you didn't reply and finally left when I told you that you had until the next round to do so, I banned you. There were like 10-12 players on by then, so I noticed you and took my time to decide whether or not it was possible you were a player with only 1 month in your backpack. BTW, Havoc didn't confirm anything to you in discord. He was checking so that you weren't any of the accounts that he requested to be banned, earlier.
  15. :Patrôn

    Yo what is up!

    Oh yea, there it is. I always did aim and smoke practice of various types, when I planned to play competitive matchmaking services of different forms with my friends, to keep in shape. But it just won't happen if I don't have it planned. And at this point I can't blame anything but pure lack of motivation, I guess. Probably wouldn't be able to beat a lvl 5'er. 200-300 surf hours between me and my last initiative to get shit done. 😂 Good commitment on you, though!

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