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  1. suki

    Kole 4th attempt at mod/admin

    Denied Lack Of Support.
  2. suki

    Whale King's Resignation

    Fake Friends. 💔
  3. suki

    Autumn's Moderator Application

    +1 Rep, Autumn seems to have good experience with roles such as Moderator/Administrator and looks to be dedicated to our community. I have seen Autumn around quite a bit on our server recently and would like to seem him be able to help out a bit. Autumn has no punishments and encourages good behavior on the server from what I have seen. Good Luck! 💙
  4. suki


    fake friends ♥️
  5. suki

    Kray's Mod Application

  6. suki


    welcome !!! ♥️
  7. I will lower the gag, the mute stays, you clearly cant learn how to act mature when on the servers. Take some time to think about that
  8. suki

    Suki & his muting spree

    This is pointless, First of all, I muted you for 30 minutes for being toxic and overall annoying. I seems that a few others were not to happy about your mute so they decide to start mic-spam. I proceed to mute all for 1 minute to calm the server down and warn players not to ask for unmutes and do not mic-spam. When the @all mute was over with, everyone went right back to spamming and begging for unmutes which will not be tolerated on the server. So i proceed to hand out mutes to players who can not control themselves. Now, The PERM mute was purely a misunderstanding with you and another person and i truly apologize. I thought you were perm muted previously, but now seeing as you are not the same person as i thought you were, you are unmuted. Also, You are not being muted for your "squeaker-like" voice. Mr. Krebs you are TOXIC. You don't know how to control your tone, and you seem to get to hyper at times. DO NOT make a staff report every time someone mutes you and play the "innocent" card like you do nothing wrong. You constantly spam me with shit talk and then proceed to make threats to report people. P.S. I'm Tired so some of these might be a choppy read. soz ♥️
  9. +1 rep, [Above] summarizes it all up.
  10. suki

    Add Map

    thx paps
  11. suki

    Alex_CS Admin Application

    Not harsh, Its constructive criticism to help you improve and stand out amid'st other staff applications. I suggest you take what Voya said into consideration, because he is correct. This application looks like little effort.
  12. suki

    Envy's amazing unban.

    You admit to alting?
  13. suki

    RyanDaKappas mod/admin app

    -1 rep, Main reasons: 1.) You don't fallow the rules. (How can we expect you to in force rules you cant even fallow?) (Recent punishments) (20-ish gags/mutes) 2.) You go around servers asking for +reps (Does not look good on you, more-less mature) 3.) You are overall nice, but you can go overboard sometimes and mic spam and or be toxic on the server.
  14. suki

    Atpossible's Mod Application

    -1 rep, To Clear it up, on the "recommendation" I usually recommend everybody. I think everyone should try and help out and be staff member on our community. Rather than a DIRECT recommendation. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Anyways, You seem nice, friendly, and a really nice guy, but i would like to see you a bit more on our servers. I would recommend trying to make a bit more of a notable impact on the community and reapply.

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