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  1. TopKake

    Durabilityv2 ban appeal

    1st: I have unbanned you because the smac system is faulty at times. 2nd: Never will I ever care if I die in a game. Case Closed
  2. TopKake

    Durabilityv2 ban appeal

    The smac system started saying "Durabilityv2 has been detected using aim-scripts".
  3. TopKake

    kole mod applacation

    Denied Poor application. No activity that goes above and beyond. Five applications is enough. Don't bother making another this year. Read havoc's post and improve.
  4. TopKake

    Havoc's Admin Application

    +1 Does good work and stays active.
  5. TopKake

    Daniel's Admin Application

    ACCEPTED Congrats!
  6. TopKake

    Daniel's Admin Application

    Neppy, please don't -1 an application for admin when all you have to say is "he enforces the rules". Which is what staff is supposed to do. And your "no banter" argument is also invalid. If you have a personal issue then report in https://nfcommunity.net/forums/index.php?/forum/14-report-a-staff-member/
  7. TopKake

    Daniel's Admin Application

    +1 Daniel has been a great addition as a mod and continues to be active on the server and the forums. He also provides evidence of players breaking the rules and evidence of players hacking. I personally will decide what to do at the end of the week for this app.
  8. TopKake

    this dont make sense

    This was explained to you thoroughly on the server. I appreciate you taking this to the forums and not on the server by the way. I'll simplify what was said to you again. SpacedOut and NF have had and continue to have a strong bond. SpacedOut has worked hard to get to the skill they have achieved and the recognition they have received. So we don't allow people to use a fake version of their tag or a loophole around it because we respect them and they respect us. As for using other fake tags like cloud9, Faze, etc. we allow this because we have no affiliation to them. However, just because we allow use of these tags doesn't mean you are allowed to impersonate someone. (using a pro player's picture) Hope this answered your question.
  9. TopKake

    Daniel's Admin Application

    Denied No for now but apply in about a month or so and Im sure the answer will be different. Keep up the good work.
  10. TopKake

    Neppys mute and gag appeal

    @Neppy No vendetta against you. You have over 20 blocks and should have been silenced permanently long ago. And you did scream into your mic. Which was the final straw for me. And you can see in chat that you linked that you weren't going to stop typing about it. So that's why i gagged you. Learn your lesson and don't come onto NF drunk anymore.
  11. TopKake

    Nick's Application

    Denied Lack of support. The support you did get wasn't by great people nor did mention anything special.
  12. TopKake

    Neppys mute and gag appeal

    Exydos you weren't there on skyworld when this happened.
  13. TopKake

    Neppys mute and gag appeal

    1st: You weren't "just chilling around" you were drunk and spamming the chat with nonsense. 2nd: You were muted for a week because you screamed into your mic. 3rd: You were gagged because you wouldn't stop asking to be unmuted. 4th: You were banned for an hour because you used admin chat to communicate while gagged and muted. You also have 18 mutes and 12 gags. This technically should have been permanent.
  14. TopKake

    Daniel's Admin Application

    -1 I agree with everything Havoc has said. Daniel has been a great addition to our staff. That being said I don't believe you are ready for admin yet. You became a mod 16 days ago. That's hardly anytime to improve. However, I can easily see you being an admin in a couple months if not next month.
  15. TopKake

    Autumn's Moderator Application

    Hmmmm. Sugoi sounds familiar but still. And good that you can work on it.

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