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  1. Daniel

    Fades Mod Application

    -1 Since the first time i’ve seen you, you’ve been toxic. I can’t see you as a staff member.
  2. Daniel

    Banned for "alting"

  3. Daniel

    Banned for "alting"

    Just unprivate your hours and i’ll accept it.
  4. Daniel

    Banned for "alting"

    It clearly states that the reason for your ban was you not responding to the admin while he was asking you to unprivate your profile. He banned you for that specific reason only, since we do not allow alts on our servers and unprivating profiles is one of our ways to know if a person is alting/smurfing. Now am gonna ask to unprivate your hours on cs:go and let @Havoc follow up on this since he is the one banned you.
  5. Daniel

    Admin Application

    You can re-apply. Closed.
  6. Daniel


  7. Accepted. I've made a deal with autumn, next time it goes to the point where I have to perm silence him again, it's a perm ban not a silence.
  8. Daniel

    Banned for alternate account

  9. Accepted Welcome to the staff team! 😁
  10. Daniel


    We appreciate it! Enjoy our servers 😊.
  11. +1 You're pretty active and not that toxic, its a yes for me.
  12. Daniel


    Am gonna need the link to your old account. But since you have 50 hours in past 2 weeks it does look like a main to me.
  13. Daniel


    Please use this format on your appeal;
  14. Daniel

    Wurles False Alt Ban Appeal

    To be fair I have seen you on multiple times before and not only on NF, that being said, am not sure what exactly happend when you got banned, but I don't think that you should be. One thing tho, I completely believe in @:Patrôn telling you multiple times in voice/chat to unprivate your game details, if you didn't hear/notice then it's 100% your fault. P.S.: Did you have a main account before this one? Cause 700 hours isn't that solid.
  15. Daniel

    Wurles False Alt Ban Appeal

    Am gonna need you to unprivate your hours until this is over.
  16. Daniel

    Shiloh / Cha's False Ban Appeal

    Accepted. I will be taking a leap of faith and say that your ban may have false since our "Anti Cheat ( Auto-Ban )" could have been wrong. If this was a SMAC ban you would not be unbanned.
  17. Denied. I do find you more mature than others, however i’ve only noticed you on the server not too long ago. That’s telling me that you didn’t talk before. Also, next time DO NOT ask staff about your app. After only 4 days of you putting your app up you started messaging me about it. We do see your app, but it takes us a bit to examine your behavior on the server. Better luck next time.
  18. Daniel

    Dawn/Horizon's Ban Appeal

    Denied. You have been given a lot of chances and from what we can see, you haven't used them like you should have. On top of that, you and Fz are the only ones that have an "invisible" ban and for us, it's not worth the effort of looking where your ban is. If you're too immature for the internet, it's not our job to set you straight.
  19. Daniel

    Dawn/Horizon's Ban Appeal

    It’s like your ban doesn’t exist, on sourcebans at least. I’ll look into it.
  20. Daniel

    Dawn/Horizon's Ban Appeal

    Since you didn’t find your sourcebans link, provide us with your Steam profile link. Would make things a lot easier.
  21. Daniel

    Do I need to buy VIP to join...

    But....... donating would help keep the server up!
  22. Daniel

    Appeal for unban for false alt ban

    Denied. This is over a 4 months old, I don't think we are getting anywhere at this point.
  23. Daniel

    Banned for nothing

  24. Daniel


    Welcome to the community!

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