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  1. bruslice

    Nick's second admin apply attempt

    +1 We need active European players online to manage the server when NA staff members are sleeping or whatever. It'll be great to have someone extra to help out. Though, I hope you will be mature enough and have good judgement when dealing with conflicts.
  2. bruslice

    My Departure

    Goodbye to the five years old..
  3. bruslice

    ► Sethix ◄ Staff Application

    Neutral Could be immature at times Hope language won't be a barrier problem
  4. -1 active but..... last time you didn't care that you lost staff, and all the sudden expect to get it again so soon?
  5. bruslice

    Head Admin app


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NightFall began as a Counter-Strike combat surf server in mid-late 2016. Darth Elmo, its founder, grew and led the community until an ownership transfer in mid-2018. Today, headed up by 3dou, NightFall continues to provide its players with the best CS:GO community server experience possible, including a multitude of servers with custom-made plugins and maps. Welcome.