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    Durabilityv2 ban appeal

    Reason: hack
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  3. @:PatrΓ΄n Yeah I just realized that looks kinda bad Thanks!
  4. Hi! I go by the name: hg, but you can call me Hugo! IΒ΄ve been playing CS:GO for 2 years now and I started combat surf about 1 and half years ago. I kinda miss the retro servers (with no fall damage xP) and getting those juicy knifes up people's back! I am portuguese and I am taking IT! I also like manipulating images in photshop. I've been playing in NF for 2,3 weeks now and I'm really enjoying the server. Portuguese servers have a distinct mappool, so I'm having struggle to keep up my playstyle in the maps on your mappool. Basically I get rekted a lot , but I guess that is part of the process! Well, I hope this was a good introduction. If you see me in the server don't hesitate in saying hi! I'm a troll guy, don't take me too seriously At least most of the time I am a troll! Its the internet. Thanks for wasting a minute to read this. πŸ˜˜πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ
  5. @darthelmo1 yeah thanks elmo. I have way more fun in NA servers and I learn a lot too! I dislike the portuguese surf community in general, the NA community seems much advanced and cooler, plus I'm always laughing in NF

About Us

NightFall began as a Counter-Strike combat surf server in mid-late 2016. Darth Elmo, its founder, grew and led the community until an ownership transfer in mid-2018. Today, headed up by 3dou, NightFall continues to provide its players with the best CS:GO community server experience possible, including a multitude of servers with custom-made plugins and maps. Welcome.