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  1. Angus

    My resignation

    I am resigning from my moderator position on the nf staff team.
  2. Angus

    Havoc's Admin Application

    +1 I think he should be promoted, and also he is very active and knows the rules well. I think he is responsible enough to be admin.
  3. Angus

    Vanish Mod Application

    -1 You're a little too young to be applying for a staff position(in my opinion). I think your application is half-assed and needs more work. I don't think you're a bad person I just think you need to put a little more effort into trying to apply if you want to help contribute to the staff team. Also I recall today you asking Daniel if you can say the hard r, and because of that I doubt you know the rules completely.
  4. Angus

    Daniel's Admin Application

    +1 Great guy, I think he deserves a step up in the ranks. Very careful and decisive about his actions, and I think he would make a wonderful admin.
  5. In Game Name: Angus or Pujutinux Name (Optional): Angus Simmons Got a mic? (Yes/No): Yes, I have a microphone. Is English your first language?: Yes, english is my native language. Age: I'm 18 years old. How long you've been on the server: I started playing on nightfall several months ago. If you muted a player for being toxic and everyone criticized you for doing so, what would you do?: Justify why I muted that specific player. Also to ignore any criticism because I know what I did was right thing. Have you read and do you understand the staff guidelines?: I have read and understand the staff guidelines. Why you are applying?: I want to be a moderator. I want to help keep the server free from toxicity and help players solve their issues while playing on nightfall. Do you think a staff member needs to be cheerful and nice all the time, regardless of the situation?: Yes, staff members need to maintain with a happy, healthy, and mature attitude during the process of solving a conflict. If a player was constantly antagonizing people, what would you do?: Give the player a warning, and if he continues issue him a mute and/or gag. And anything further more than a few kicks then obtain video evidence and contact an admin. What makes you a better choice of staff rather than any other applicant?: I play nightfall almost every night and have had admin in several servers. I have experience owning multiple servers in Garry's mod, Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I will act according to the rules and punish people regardless of my friendship to them. How can you help the community grow as a whole?: Keep the toxicity down in the server and help new players learn how to play. Also to maintain a healthy and safe environment to play video games in. What experience do you have as a staff member?: I have owned multiple servers. I was admin in serveral servers on css, gmod, and csgo. Being a mod requires you to be on often. Do you pledge to be active on the server(s), forums, and discord?: I pledge to stay active on steam, the forums, and discord. Is there anything else that we should know? I love nightfall and have dozens of friends on here. Surf is one my passions, and I want to help take care of the server that I play on every night as well as to keep it a fun and safe place to game.
  6. Angus


    Hello my name is Angus. I play csgo and a variety of other steam games. I am 18 years old(June 25th). I go by the name Pujutinux too. I have played pc games since 2005. I have played csgo since 2014 and css since 2006.

About Us

NightFall began as a Counter-Strike combat surf server in mid-late 2016. Darth Elmo, its founder, grew and led the community until an ownership transfer in mid-2018. Today, headed up by 3dou, NightFall continues to provide its players with the best CS:GO community server experience possible, including a multitude of servers with custom-made plugins and maps. Welcome.