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  1. Durabilityv2

    Durabilityv2 ban appeal

    well anyways i think your just mad that i killed you and the rest of your team ive been playing surf since mid 2017 on the old pos server and i never had any problems i legit started from the bottom up and i honestly think that what your saying is booty because i dont even use cheats if by aim scripts you mean a trun bind which i dont think is a a rule because other than that i dont use any console scripts
  2. Durabilityv2

    Durabilityv2 ban appeal

    Well i saw it after i wrote it but it doesnt specify like i dont even know how i was hacking. i was playing with him and then i killed someone and i just got banned out of nowhere and i would like to get unbanned because thats the only server i play on. can you ask him like what made him think i was hacking
  3. Durabilityv2

    Durabilityv2 ban appeal

    In game name: Durabilityv2 SourceBans link to your ban (HERE): https://nfcommunity.net/sourcebans/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:414240152&advType=steamid&Submit Counter-Evidence (if any): Why should your appeal be accepted?: it doesn't give a reason a valid reason as to why i was banned,i have also been playing on this server for a few months and have not had any trouble with anyone,also i think if i had hacks the server would automatically ban me since y'all have a anti cheat system.

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