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  1. Voya

    Alex_CS Admin Application

    look at other accepted applications, it looks like a lot of effort went into them, this application took you 2 minutes to make.
  2. Voya

    Alex_CS Admin Application

    I don't mean this in an offensive way but, Basic
  3. Voya

    Envy's amazing unban.

    Uhhhh. Mellow lost to prg
  4. Voya

    Atpossible's Mod Application

    Im going to deny this due to inactivity and the absence of positive of reps.
  5. Voya

    Atpossible's Mod Application

    @suki please respond
  6. Voya

    RyanDaKappas mod/admin app

    Pros: - Active - Pretty fun guy to be around. - Has a good sense of humor and knows where to draw the line. Cons : - Doesnt stand out 2 much. Conclusion: Im going to +1 this application. Good luck
  7. Voya

    | Kole Mod Applacation

    Agreed, under same circumstances, including a few toxic moments from you, including lash outs when people called u out on fake stuff. -1
  8. Voya


    Its a V I D E O G A M E. you mean to tell me you let yourself have access to the internet while ur that sensitive
  9. Voya

    Jacken's Admin Applicatoin

    Holy stop turning this into a fuckery of an app
  10. Voya

    Jacken's Admin Applicatoin

    E D I T B U T T O N
  11. Voya

    My admin app :)

    Sorry to say this after its denied. But you were fucking cancer on coclan
  12. Voya

    Mod perhaps?

    Oh legit admitting. So do we ban :^) @darthelmo1
  13. Voya

    Frosty's Mod Application

    I recommend getting on the server more since u just got back
  14. Voya

    I've been on for a fuck ton Kingcody

    Perfect discussion

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