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  1. Lil Husky

    Which One?

    Ehh, I'd say classroom of the elite :3 But Emilia is still bae <3
  2. Lil Husky

    Voya's Admin Application

    +1 I've known Voya for a while, we were both admins on GuyClan and then resigned because GuyClan was dying out. Voya helped me out many times on GuyClan, with commands, how to handle situations and fuck up bans I had. He's helped out many, many people on GuyClan and I already see him doing the same on NF. He knows how to handle situations well. I don't see any reason for him not to get accepted, Good Luck <3
  3. Lil Husky

    ionCho0de. and the Chode

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay <3
  4. -1 Just like ma man here voya said, a day and a half is way to early to apply.
  5. Lil Husky

    Kon'nichiwa watashi wa Hooski

    @Voya Don't have to hide it, I know u want them sucky sucky's
  6. Helllloooo my names Husky, used to play / be a admin on GiClan but resigned a couple days back. Friend told me to try out NF and made me fall in love with it, so if u ever see me on a server, I give great sucky sucky 1 dolla bucky

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