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    csgo Online [NF] Combat Surf | NoSpread+NoFall | Store [!WS/!KNIFE/!GLOVES] surf_ski_nf_v3
    0 / 32
    No Players
    csgo Offline n/a
    0 / 0
    No Players
    Fill servers: 0%
    Total Servers: 2 Online Servers: 1 Total Players: 0 Total Slots: 32 Most Players: 41 Last Updated:

About Us

NightFall began as a Counter-Strike combat surf server in mid-late 2016. Darth Elmo, its founder, grew and led the community until an ownership transfer in mid-2018. Today, headed up by 3dou, NightFall continues to provide its players with the best CS:GO community server experience possible, including a multitude of servers with custom-made plugins and maps. Welcome.