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How to make a map for NightFall's Battle Royale Server

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Hey guys,


A lot of people have been asking about new maps for our BR server and as much as I want to make more, they are extremely time-consuming to work on and I have 8 servers to manage.

If you'd like to create one yourself, I've made the process extremely easy by open-sourcing a bunch of my work for you guys to use and created a guide about how to use this information.


Step 1: The Assets

NightFall's PUBG map uses numerous custom textures and props that you'll have to download so that they load into your level. Unfortunately for you, I keep my assets relatively combined so you'll basically have to download all  the files I use rather than just ones that are relevant to the BR map, unless you want to go hunting through file paths.


The thing is, since there's a whole lot of crap in there, you'll have to ask me personally for a download link to get this stuff. (It's around 800MB)


Step 2: The Template

This is where shit gets juicy. I have made two templates that you can use to build your map.

  1. Land body surrounded by mountains with a creek/river running through (can be used for Plains/Forest/Snowy/Desert environments)
    • Picture: image.png
    • Picture: image.png
  2. Archipelago of islands surrounded entirely by water with a significant amount running through as well (can be used for Tropical/Jungle environments)
    • Picture: 

Again, if you're interested in taking on this project, please contact me directly for a template.


Step 3: The Map

There are a few factors to consider when you're working on the map.

  1. You should AVOID changing the size of the map at all costs.
  2. You should AVOID changing the base displacements and features of the map, although some can certainly be re-worked.
  3. You should AVOID fucking around with any skyboxes and outer edges of the map (exception is the waiting room, feel free to adjust that however you like).
  4. You should AVOID going over the top with particle effects and environments, or people will not be able to run the map well.
  5. You should AVOID worrying about lighting, on a map like this it causes FPS issues and you're bound to run into problems. The map will be run with mat_fullbright 1 on the server.

Because this is a template, it's designed to be used a certain way. NightFall's Battle Royale Plugin will only function properly if you follow these guidelines.


Past that, the world is your oyster. Feel free to texture it however you'd like, add some more of your own, add buildings, use building/prop templates provided, etc.

Make sure to add good looting locations as that is the key to a fun Battle Royale Map.


Any questions? Please contact me on Steam and comment that you're asking about Battle Royale mapping.


Step 4: Getting your map on the server

Once you feel like your map is done, make sure to use VIDE to package in all the materials. You can ask me how to do this if you don't know, but honestly, you should already if you're taking on a project as huge is this.


I will do a quality check of the map and adjust anything I feel like adjusting. Remember your maps are subject to change and not protected by any intellectual property rights whatsoever. AKA once you submit we will thank you and make sure everyone knows you made the map, but you can't really tell us what to and what not to edit. Don't worry, though, we'll likely consult you with the majority of any changes made.


I'll also add a radar and any other features that are needed to make the map work on our server, and I'll bzip2 it and upload it.


Good luck!

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