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I feel like the new update for csgo that is going to come out, that changes the look its had for years, is actually a very big message. We all know that csgo was dying. Skins were being sold at the lowest prices because of new trade rules and gambling sites closing down. I feel as though gambling wont come back. Is that good for the game? I don't think so but I'll leave it up to the multi-billion dollar company. 

What does this mean?

Valve is trying it's best to ensure the player base it has will stay or the player base it lost will come back. Unfortunately, it's very hard to bring back players who have moved on already. However, its not impossible. With continuous updates like these there's no doubt that players will start to flood back. Which also means new players to NightFall.

Lets give them a chance. Lets jump on this update train and see where it takes us. Lets hope that this means only improvement in game play, enjoyment, and numbers. Thanks for reading.

Did you find the secret btw?

rip xxxtentacion

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