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In Game Name: eXydos

Name (Optional): 

Got a mic? (Yes/No): Yes

Is English your first language?: Yes

Age: 23

How long you've been on the server: Since it started.. Been playing CS games for over 10 years.

If you muted a player for being toxic and everyone criticized you for doing so, what would you do?: Explain why I muted the toxic person, and move on. (People don't question my actions most the time)

Have you read and do you understand the staff guidelines?: Yes

Why you are applying?: Sets objectives. Sets goals for the other Administrators , and decide what work needs to be done to meet those goals. 2) Organizes. divide the work into manageable activities, and select people to accomplish the tasks that need to be done. (engagement to recruit, retain, and inspire the greatest asset to your community)

Do you think a staff member needs to be cheerful and nice all the time, regardless of the situation?: I think staying positive is always passed along in unspeakable ways. Being nice isn't the best case for some situations, There is always a time you need to put your foot down and lay the law. Here is some of the guidelines I go by,  1.Develop a positive attitude....2.Treat everyone with respect...3.Practice active listening....4.Connect on a personal level...Develop relationships outside of being a administrator....Work together for a larger good....

If a player was constantly antagonizing people, what would you do?: Shut it down and try to ignore it ever happened, people who antagonize people want attention out of it / conflict.. Meaningless conflict is not worth anyone precious energy, After I shut it down I  would talk to the other player/player's who was getting antagonized and try to pass off my knownledge of dealing with people like that such as... Ask yourself, "Why should I let this bother me?" Realize that you choose what bothers you., 2. You probably aren’t going to change their mind, so why try? ETC..

What makes you a better choice of staff rather than any other applicant?: My reputation proceeds me in many ways.. People have always shown me respect and ive always shown it back and tried to pass of positivity throughout the community in various ways, I don't think i would be a better choice than anyone but I think i could possibly bring more to the table.. Better is a really rough word to use.

How can you help the community grow as a whole?: Elmo has made me famous on YT, so whenever i join the server people always follow.

What experience do you have as a staff member?: Was staff on NF but Elmo and I got into some problems and we decided to part our ways

Being a mod requires you to be on often. Do you pledge to be active on the server(s), forums, and discord?: Yes

Is there anything else that we should know?: Spacedout is Recruiting, Ill be on more when winter hits, and lets make NF great again.

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-rep plays music in the mic, elmo can confirm!!

Jokes aside, to me it's an obvious yes


I thought it was a mod application. You greedy swine

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eXydos is without a doubt one of the best surfers and people I’ve ever met, but I lack confidence in his administrative decision-making skills.


Back when he was an admin for me he usually did a good job but occasionally banned hackers based on instinct without enough evidence, got into arguments with players that ended in a mute, etc. - often resulting in me having to intervene.


My recommendation would be to bring eXy in as a Moderator or Administrator first, let him get acclimated to being an admin again and keep him on a tight leash, and then bring him up to H.A. when he’s ready.


good luck exy

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I agree with Elmo. Exy can be easy to antagonize on the server and while that isn't the biggest deal as a normal player an antagonized admin is never a good thing. I think Exy is more than qualified for an upperstaff position, but a little time as an admin for him to get used to being staff again may be good for him. 

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