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Appeal for unban for false alt ban

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In game name:


SourceBans link to your ban (HERE):



Counter-Evidence (if any): 

In discord

Havoc Yesterday at 8:52 PM

@chasy what's your steam name right now

Nvmd i found it

I was checking to see if you were one of the alts on today but you arent

Why should your appeal be accepted?:

because i was a false ban and an admin Havoc found the reason i was banned and confirmed that i was not using an ALT 

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Hi, Chasy.
Your account was created 27th of July 2018, and since you were hitting some decent shots and surfing really well, I understood that the account I banned is not your main. I asked you several times, in both voice- and text chat, why you were playing on a new account, and that alting is not allowed (you heard some other players talking to you while I was checking you, so I know you probably heard me). Since you didn't reply and finally left when I told you that you had until the next round to do so, I banned you. There were like 10-12 players on by then, so I noticed you and took my time to decide whether or not it was possible you were a player with only 1 month in your backpack.

BTW, Havoc didn't confirm anything to you in discord. He was checking so that you weren't any of the accounts that he requested to be banned, earlier.

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when ever i play any surf map i have voice_enable 0. when i was playing yes i was surfing well and hitting shot but i don't have an alt this is not my alt i had an account that i had 1 hours on and play a lot of surf. I lost that account and could not get it back a month latter i try to get back my account and saw that it had a VAC on it. So what i did was make a new account/new main back i lost my old main of you call that this new account an alt then you can ban me also i can give you my old main if you want. Sorry if i didn't hear you, there a lot of mic spammers and i go on combat surf to relax and get away for stress. I didn't mean to ignore you. I under stand if I don't get unbanned 


My old account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/cHasssy2

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Exactly what patron said, we have lists of alts that we use to ban people in case an admin was busy.  That message was just confirming that you were not on the list before.

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