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creedin alt unban

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In game name: creedin

SourceBans link to your ban (HERE): i cant access the source bans hello? its just a white page



Counter-Evidence (if any):

Not really counter evidence but is a picture of my old steam acc. also got a pic of the source bans.

Why should your appeal be accepted?:  i was playing on my new main ( my old account got vac banned )  and some admin asked me if im creedin and i said yeah then i got perm banned for alt. i got banned of POS and iGlobal for no good reason. On the sourcebans for POS it said bye then i got perm banned. this sucked becuase pos was my favorite server at the time. then i got banned off nf. so i was reduced to karma and iglobal. then krallei got on and said that ive been playing too good and apparently xayrez told him i was 'hacking' so i got banned off iglobal about 2 days ago. so now i am stuck with karma and basically thats all. PS Ive been playing on my new acc for about a 2 months before I got banned off nf. also i got vac banned for hacking in private 1v1 as jokes against friends from irl, i got them from a good friend on iglobal. i deleted my hacks about a month before my vac. (this happened a while ago like a month ago.



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Source Bans page is currently down, please provide a link to your steam profile (old one and new)


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