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Static's Staff Application

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In Game Name: Static

Name (Optional): Darian (IRL Name)

Got a mic? (Yes/No): Yes

Is English your first language?: Yes

Age: 13

How long you've been on the server: 2 years

If you muted a player for being toxic and everyone criticized you for doing so, what would you do?: Ignore it and say that I need some peace and quiet for a little to convince them that I muted them for that reason

Have you read and do you understand the staff guidelines?:  Yes

Why you are applying?: I want to help out nightfall and make sure people are following rules and having fun.

Do you think a staff member needs to be cheerful and nice all the time, regardless of the situation?: I do not think you always have to be but you shouldn't be aggressive at all.

If a player was constantly antagonizing people, what would you do?: Tell them to stop and calm down and if they don't they will face the problems they have to go trew.

What makes you a better choice of staff rather than any other applicant?: I can be more active than others.

How can you help the community grow as a whole?: I could help with my understanding of the community and my way I deal with problems.

What experience do you have as a staff member?: Yes 

Being a mod requires you to be on often. Do you pledge to be active on the server(s), forums, and discord?: Yes I do pledge to be active on forums and discord.

Is there anything else that we should know?:Nothing other then That Nightfall is the best combat surf server

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